Upcoming expeditions
The Rob Palmer Blue Holes Foundation is gearing up in 2012 to visit areas of the Bahamas never visit by humans before.  We call these areas in the Bahamas, the “Bahamian Outback.”  Initial plan for 2012 is to explore the vertical cave systems that are sprinkled throughout South Andros (below).  These areas are so remote that the only way in is by air.  The plan is that we will be chartering probably a Bell 206 and a R-44 (right) helicopter to get us into these remote areas.  
The expeditions will be open to non-divers as well as qualified cavern and cave divers.  The purpose of going into these places, besides the obvious is to gather data as to the chemical and biological profile of as many of these vertical sites as possible as well as cataloging the surface environments.  People will be needed to help on the surface as well as helping in the water.  As with all expeditions run by the RPBHF, the sensitivity of all sites will be paramount to the desires of the explorers.  Trips will take people in but participants will be taken out by the end of the day to local resorts to minimize environmental impacts.  
The Famous Black Hole of South Andros.....
will be revisited for additional research and exploration (below).   This site that was first described by the late Rob Palmer, has turned out to be quiet a significant scientific find.  A new species of bacteria was discovered here and was named after Rob Palmer.  Additional information is needed to better classify and explain the environment in which this bacterium and other bacteria live.  This additional information should help further explain the formation of these amazing sites.

Scientific discoveries and subsequent write up
All work and discoveries will be at some point written up in research papers and potentially other media.  The people who participated in specific trips will be sited as contributors to these discoveries, as it should be.
If you are interested:
At this time, we do not know the exact cost of all this.  We will however know shortly and this information will be posted along with potential dates.     If you  think you might be interested in participating in these very exclusive adventures, please send an email to Steffi@blueholes.org indicating such.  What this will do is put you on a first come first serve list.  It will also be a portal to information as it becomes available.  
Bell 206 Jet Ranger
Robinson R44