General Information about the objectives of the foundation:
A nonprofit Organization dedicated to the scientific and physical exploration of water filled caves within the Bahamas and related environment.  The Rob Palmer Blue Holes Foundation was created to continue the scientific exploration of the caves and to coordinate safe access to these subterrestrial frontiers for exploration, research, and education.  Located in close proximity of the populated world, a few metres below the ocean surface, lies a pristine world that holds details since the Jurassic.  Taking along that information leaves the caves essentially unaltered.  It is an important role of the Foundation to monitor the use and to prevent abuse of this spontaneous nature preserve.  These openings mark the entrances to these largely unexplored caves with their unique environment and ecosystem that may have persisted for millions of years.  Many caves were discovered during the past 30 years but these efforts were not well organized and consequently about 90% of all caves are still virgin territory.  The efforts of the Foundation have yielded vital information on the past world climates, on geological and hydrological relationships within limestones banks, and on structure and speciation of living organisms, underground water resources and pollution control.  Their exploration, in both physical and scientific terms, forms one of the great modern-day adventures in submarine investigation.  The Bahama Islands are perfectly situated as natural laboratories at this time because they are for the most part, still pristine.  Pristine areas are indeed rare and when discovered offer a unique view into natural undisturbed surroundings for studies in environmental science.
Foundation Goals:
The exploration and survey of the speleological resources of the Bahamas.
To encourage education in and conservation of Bahamian caves, and their associated terrestrial and marine habitats, and to promote the concept of integrated ecosystems within the Bahamian environment.
Interview following our first dive to the false bottom of the Black Hole, a vertical cave system on South Andros.
Off with the doors.  Dave Harmon owner of Bahamas Helicopters based out of Nassau Bahamas.