Cave Sites:
There is a certain dilemma when providing information about caves and caverns.  On one hand, there is the onus on us to share our discoveries, on the other, there is the very real fear that telling the stories, revealing the presence of caves such as the one which may be described in written media, is the beginning of their end. That the basic, inherent, unforgivable greed and stupidity of a certain part of mankind will rush forward in all its vanity and treat the caves as another plaything to be exploited.
I am pessimistic for the simple reason that I have already seen this play in action.  Playing with caves, or treating them as toys, will destroy the very reasons that many responsible divers venture into these places. Caves may and will and have taken some of their despoilers with them for this environments suffers no fools.  For millions of years life has been surviving beneath the Bahamas.  The most unnecessary addition is man.  It is for this reason that the Foundation will not give out exact locations of cave sites.
If the surface of this planet is the example of what humans are capable of,  its best to leave the entrances to the underground a secret until we grow up.  In other words, the weekend warriors and the technical want-to-be's or for that matter, the just plain want-to-bes,  will have to look somewhere else to vent their energy.  I am well aware that this is a tough message but I am not the first to suggest it and I hope I won't be the last.  I have already experienced most of what I have said above the most disturbing of which was the removal of the Lucayan bones from Stargate.   That one was personal.
So, for those people who have now read this and write me anyway asking for where some of these sites are, and people have, read this unit again.
Photo NHK